Design Change Notification 2 for Helios4 !

Posted by Kobol Team on July 10, 2019

We forgot to share last month about this additional minor change which concerns all new Helios4 units.

Due to the discontinuation of some of the power management devices used for production of the ARMADA 388 Rev-2.0 SoM, and due to Marvell move from ARMADA 388 SoC A0 revision to B0, SolidRun Ltd. has introduced a little while ago an updated ARMADA 388 Rev-2.1 SoM which features equivalent power management devices from a different vendor and ARMADA388 B0 SoC revision.

All Helios4 rev 1.2 and further will be using the new ARMADA 388 Rev-2.1 SoM.

There is no Electrical, Mechanical, Software or Performance impact arising from this change. You can refer to the PCN document for more info : here.

We have published the SoM rev 2.1 schematics here on our wiki.

This minor change doesn’t have any impact on certification nor on the ongoing Batch 3 manufacturing process which should be completed in the coming days. ;-)