Helios4 Batch 3 Manufacturing Progress - Update !

Posted by Kobol Team on July 19, 2019

Shipping delayed by 2 weeks !

We are unfortunately facing a 2 weeks delay because of some rework required on the carrier board after an issue was discovered during manufacturing (one resistor had wrong value). It’s in fact a silly mistake which is very easy to fix, but all the 550 units which have been already manufactured need to be manually rework one by one.

Therefore shipping will get impacted and will only happen the 2nd week of August. We are really sorry about the additional delay. We are, as much as you, looking forward to seeing all those units on their way.

When we will start shipping there won’t be any particular order of which parcels we ship first. We will ship everything more or less at once, within a 5 days window.

In the meantime…

We have updated the assembly manual to cover the installation of the OLED display. You can check the Additional Assembly Step.

In the coming days we are going to release a major upgrade for Armbian which will introduce freshly released Debian 10 Buster. These will be the new upcoming builds for Helios4 :

  • Armbian Next : LK 4.19 Mainline + U-Boot 2019 + Debian 10 Buster
  • Armbian Default : LK 4.14 Mainline + U-Boot 2018 + Debian 9 Stretch

You will notice that we updated the Linux Kernel (LK) and U-Boot versions for both Default and Next build. On the day of release we will explain which build you should use based on your needs.

We have also updated the Nextcloud installation instruction on our wiki here in prevision of Debian 10 Buster release.