Helios4 Batch 3 Manufacturing Progress !

Posted by Kobol Team on May 30, 2019

Here some news on the delivery date of Batch 3!

Manufacturing of the Helios4 PCBA, which is the longest lead time (12 - 16 weeks), was kick-started early March. Two weeks ago we launched the manufacturing of all the remaining items / accessories (case, psu, fans, cables, OLED display, etc…) which take not more than 4 weeks.

We were betting on shortest lead time for the PCBA but we recently got confirmation from the factory that they will only manage to deliver the boards on July 11th. So if we take into account kitting / fulfillment stage at our warehouse in Hong Kong, it means Helios4 Batch 3 will be shipped to you by end of July.

So we will need you to be patient for an additional month. Thanks for your understanding and support, we know everyone can’t wait to get their hands on their Helios4.

In the meantime…

Since all units of Batch 3 will come with the OLED display kit, we have updated the case front panel to add 4x holes in accordance to the display mechanical design.

You can find the latest design files (rev 4j) here.

Helios4 Case Front Panel

The OLED kit will include the ribon cable and 4x transparent nylon screws + nuts for easy installation and cosmetic finish.

Helios4 OLED Kit

We have also updated the Helios4 sys-oled application to make it easier to configure and use. You can check the app on our github.

In the coming days we will update the assembly manual to cover the installation of the OLED display in addition to the existing instructions that you can already find here.

Can you still order?

People still ask us if it’s possible to order a Helios4 unit from Batch 3. Yes there are still 20 units to snatch from this Batch 3, so if you are interested don’t wait too long.