Helios4 Mini Case Design for 2.5" Drives !

Posted by Kobol Team on May 7, 2019

Batch 3 manufacturing is progressing well, in the meantime we are working on future projects and other little tasks here and there. So we finally found the time to design a Helios4 Case for 2.5 inches drives (HDD or SSD). The result is quite cool, making it roughly 30% smaller than the original 3.5 inches drives case.

Helios4 Mini Case

Helios4 Mini Case

Note: We won’t offer the Mini Case on our shop, instead we are giving you the blue print of the case. It should be easy to manufacture it for couple of dozen bucks on any online laser cut service.

Mini Case Design

The Helios4 Mini Case design files have been published under the Casing section of our wiki.

Specifications :

Dimension : 107 x 137 x 181mm

The case has been designed for acrylic with a thickness of 3mm.

You will need the following screws, standoff, nuts and washers to assemble it :

  • M3 x 12mm Screw (8x)
  • M3 DIN557 Nut (8x)
  • M3 x 6mm x 0.5mm Washer (8x)
  • M3 x 5mm Screw (20x)
  • M3 x 4mm Screw (4x)
  • M3 x 6mm Standoff (4x)
  • M5 x 10mm FAN Screw (4x)

More pictures :

Helios4 Mini Case

Helios4 Mini Case

Helios4 Mini Case