Helios4 Latest Image Releases !

Posted by Kobol Team on February 5, 2018

Latest image builds

One of the main highlight of these new builds is the improvement of fan management.

  1. Now pwm-fan driver works in Kernel 4.4.*
  2. Fans and sensors mapping has been fixed ensuring fancontrol always works.
Filename Download
Debian 9 Stretch (Kernel 4.14.17)
Build date : 05/02/2018
Size :242 MB
Debian 8 Jessie (Kernel 4.4.112)
Build date : 05/02/2018
Size :210 MB
Debian 8 Jessie (Kernel 4.4.112) with OMV 3.0.96
Build date : 05/02/2018
Size : 272 MB

Upgrade your system

If you want to update an existing Helios4 setup and fix the fan control issues, open a shell on your Helios4 and follow the below steps :

1. Update kernel

$> sudo apt-get update
$> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2. Install Helios4 udev rules

Create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/90-helios4-hwmon.rules and copy the following

# Helios4 persistent hwmon

ACTION=="remove", GOTO="helios4_hwmon_end"

KERNELS=="j10-pwm", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS4_FAN_}="j10", ENV{_IS_HELIOS4_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}="1"
KERNELS=="j17-pwm", SUBSYSTEMS=="platform", ENV{_HELIOS4_FAN_}="j17", ENV{_IS_HELIOS4_FAN_}="1", ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}="1"
KERNELS=="0-004c", SUBSYSTEMS=="i2c", DRIVERS=="lm75", ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}="1"

SUBSYSTEM!="hwmon", GOTO="helios4_hwmon_end"

ATTR{name}=="f1072004mdiomii00", ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}="1", ENV{HELIOS4_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-eth"
ATTR{name}=="armada_thermal", ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}="1", ENV{HELIOS4_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-cpu"
ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}=="1", ATTR{name}=="lm75", ENV{HELIOS4_SYMLINK}="/dev/thermal-board"
ENV{_IS_HELIOS4_FAN_}=="1", ENV{HELIOS4_SYMLINK}="/dev/fan-$env{_HELIOS4_FAN_}"

ENV{IS_HELIOS4_HWMON}=="1", RUN+="/bin/ln -sf $env{HWMON_PATH} $env{HELIOS4_SYMLINK}"


3. Update fancontrol config

  • For Kernel 4.4

Edit file /etc/fancontrol and replace the content by the following

# Helios4 PWM Fan Control Configuration
# Temp source : /dev/thermal-board
FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=/dev/thermal-board/temp1_input /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=/dev/thermal-board/temp1_input
MINTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=45 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=45
MAXTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=70 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=70
MINSTART=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50
MINSTOP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50
MINPWM=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50
  • For Kernel 4.14.*

Edit file /etc/fancontrol and replace the content by the following

# Helios4 PWM Fan Control Configuration
# Temp source : /dev/thermal-cpu
FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input
MINTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=55 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=55
MAXTEMP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=95 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=95
MINSTART=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50
MINSTOP=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50
MINPWM=/dev/fan-j10/pwm1=50 /dev/fan-j17/pwm1=50

4. Restart

$> reboot

Known Issues

All Kernels

  • SDcard High Speed timing have compatibility issue with some brands. Temporary workaround : Disable UHS option/support.

  • During SATA heavy load, accessing SPI NOR Flash will generate ATA errors. Temporary workaround : Disable SPI NOR flash.

Legacy Kernel (4.14)

  • DVFS doesn’t report correct CPU freq range (666 - 1332Mhz instead of 800-1600MHz).


You can find all our image builds and support details on Helios4 Wiki Download page and install instructions here.