Helios4 Latest Image Releases !

Posted by Kobol Team on February 17, 2018

Latest image builds

These new builds address the following :

  • Enable HDD Activity LED (this was disabled by mistake in previous build)
  • Fancontrol improvement :
    • fix ‘too many arguments’ error messages
    • set pwm to minimum speed when shutting down system
  • OMV3 build is now based on kernel 4.14 which provides better hardware support
Filename Download
Debian 9 Stretch (Kernel 4.14.20)
Build date : 17/02/2018
Size : 229 MB
Debian 8 Jessie (Kernel 4.14.20) with OMV 3.0.97
Build date : 17/02/2018
Size : 259 MB

You can find all our image builds and support details on Helios4 Wiki Download page and install instructions here.

Apply Fancontrol patch manually

If you want to fix fancontrol on an existing setup, open a shell on your Helios4 and follow the below steps :

1. Download patch

$> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/helios-4/build/helios4/packages/bsp/helios4/fancontrol.patch

2. Apply patch

$> sudo patch -b /usr/sbin/fancontrol -i fancontrol.patch

3. Restart fancontrol

$> sudo systemctl restart fancontrol.service