Helios4 Case Design Update !

Posted by Kobol Team on September 3, 2017

This is the final version of Helios4 case.

In a previous post we shared the Helios4 case drawings. There have been some little modifications to the case to ajust it to the acrylic sheet thickness tolerance we sourced for manufacturing.

Finally we made the design more generic regarding the vibration absorption o-rings that we feel are not very useful. So you have the choice to put or not some o-rings on the HDD screws, in either option the assembly won’t be loose.

Helios4 Case Rev.4G - Final case design.
Note: The drawings were made with SketchUp. Each zip also contains an export in PDF, DXF and EPS. As requested by someone, a SketchUp file of an assembled case was included.

Helios4 Mechanical Assembly - Overall form factor and mounting holes details.

Helios4 Case Assembled case in SketchUp.