Casing Drawings and Helios4 Form Factor !

Posted by Kobol Team on August 6, 2017

If you want to design your own casing, this is the info you need !

While waiting for the Wiki to be set up, we are sharing the Helios4 casing drawings and the carrier board form factor info.


There are 2 drawings:

  • Heliso4 Case Rev.4B - The original design as seen during our campaign,
  • Helios4 Case Rev.4E - The final design that has a 1mm clearing between HDD and side plates for vibration absorption O-ring. Plus a plain area on the front plate for a potential OLED screen.

Note: The drawings were made with SketchUp. Each zip also contains an export in DXF and EPS.

Carrier Board

Helios 4 Mechanical Assembly - Overall form factor and mounting holes details.

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