Helios4 Manufacturing Progress - Update 1 !

Posted by Kobol Team on September 2, 2017

I guess all of you are quite impatient to receive your Helios4, so here is a little progress update on the manufacturing / sourcing. Things are moving well. All parts of the Helios4 Full Kit, besides the PCBs, are either in or on the way.

Now regarding the Helios PCBs (carrier + SOM), as already stated previously they are the longest lead items. We are still confident on the schedule even though we did some last minute changes to the carrier board to ensure Helios4 supports Wake-on-LAN feature. Futher manufacturing updates will focus on the PCBs.

Helios4 Manufacturing Carton boxes starting to stack up.

Helios4 Manufacturing 700 Fans nicessly packed.

Helios4 Manufacturing 170Kg of Power Adapters. Heavy !

Helios4 Manufacturing Packing the assembly kit (it was fun the first 5 min).

Helios4 Manufacturing Only 150 more to go.

Helios4 Manufacturing Laser cut in action.

Helios4 Manufacturing Blue cases done. Black and Green coming up.