Production Delayed due to Covid-19 Virus !

Posted by Kobol Team on February 12, 2020

Unfortunately as any makers who rely on factories and vendors located in China to manufacture their products, we are seriously impacted by the unfortunate event of the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak.

It took us some time to communicate on the delay because the information provided by the different parties we work with kept changing every week. While the Chinese government was implementing new restrictions every week to minimize the virus spread, everyone there were still unsure when they will be able to fully resume production lines.

Our two key factories have yet to resume work, they are still waiting government clearance to allow workers to come back to their facilities. However it looks like one it’s going to finally re-open next week, while the other one is announcing the week after.

We can foresee already that the resuming of production lines isn’t going to be smooth because of many bottlenecks due to factories / vendors not resuming at the same time and orders stacking up in their pipelines.

Taking all of the above into account, we have to unfortunately inform you that the shipping date is going to be pushed back by several weeks. We will keep you updated of the exact delay as soon production lines have resumed.

We know this is going to be a big disappointment for everyone and we deeply hope you will bare the wait with us. We will try to make up for the delay by adding some nice freeby accessories to all the pre-orders. More info on this later.

We seek your understanding and patience for this unforeseen event… And our support goes to all the people out there fighting this nasty little thing.

Thanks for you support.