Batch 2 - All Orders Have Been Shipped !

Posted by Kobol Team on December 20, 2018

Yeah !!! we made it, all orders of Helios4 2nd Batch have been shipped. Actually it has been already 10 days that all the parcels were handover to the different couriers we used to deliver your orders all around the globe. Some of you already received their Helios4, others might still have to be a little bit more patient. In total we shipped 462 parcels for a total of 550 units of Helios4.

Helios4 Fulfillment

Everything went pretty smoothly, beside DPD courier which struggled to keep up during this peak period of Christmas holiday. Unfortunately most parcel going to Europe via DPD were impacted by the carrier delay. We sent an email to everyone concerned.

Latest Software Release

We have just released the latest Debian Stretch and Ubuntu Bionic based on Armbian v5.68 and using kernel 4.14.88. Check our download page.

Support Forum

As explained in the previous post, you will find all the necessary instructions to setup your Helios4 on our wiki. But if you need some help for tricky situation, you can go on the Armbian forum. There is a thread dedicated to Helios4 support.

Happy Holidays!