Batch 2 - Getting Ready to Ship !

Posted by Kobol Team on December 5, 2018

Kitting and Packaging have been completed today at our warehouse in Hong Kong, so we can finally start shipping. Take note that shipping is always a ramping up exercise, it will take us few days to get all the parcels shipped out. Once your order is shipped, you will received a notification by email with the tracking number.

Here some pictures of the Helios4 inventory stacking up.

Helios4 Package Box Helios4 Package Box

Hopefully most of you will receive your Helios4 just on time for Christmas. We would like to thank you again for your patience. We are fully aware that schedule drifted a bit and we are really sorry about it. With each batch, we are learning a bit more on how to improve manufacturing process and estimating more precisely lead time.

Setup Instructions

Little reminder, you will find all the necessary instructions on our wiki along the OS images to download. We are currently working with the Armbian team to release new images with latest updates.

So once you have received your Helios4, go to our wiki here to find all the key steps to setup your system.

Have fun !