Batch 2 Manufacturing Progress - Update 1 !

Posted by Kobol Team on August 29, 2018

We are aware that your expectation for Helios4 is going to slowly build-up, so here a first progress update on the manufacturing / sourcing of Helios4 Batch 2.

All parts which composed the Helios4 Full Kit have been ordered to the different vendors. Beside the Helios4 PCB, most items will take only 3-4 weeks to get manufactured.

Now regarding the Helios4 PCB (carrier + A388 SoM) which is the longest lead item, we are still waiting some confirmation on the sourcing of some electronic components. So once we have this info we can refine a bit more our delivery schedule which targets end of October 2018.

Helios4 Manufacturing

To finish, we know some people are coming in a bit late for this second campaign, but no worry, there are still pre-order units available. Just go on our shop to order one of few remaining units.