Helios4 Fulfillment Resumes !

Posted by Kobol Team on January 22, 2018

We are happy to announce that today we resumed Helios4 fulfillment.

After many unforeseen delays and little misadventures everything is back in order to complete the fulfillment of your long awaited Helios4. Take note that we will ship around 30-40 parcels per day, so it will take around 10 working days to complete the shipping of the first batch.


As a gesture to apologize from the delay, our manufacturer (SolidRun) offered a free Sandisk 16GB microSD card for every Helios4 board. You will find this little freebie already inserted in the microSD card slot of your Helios4 Board.

Free microSD

Note: the microSD card is blank. Go on our wiki to find the install instructions

Thanks again for your support and patience.