Helios64 Shipping Update!

Posted by Kobol Team on September 8, 2020

Shipping Update

We started shipping 2 weeks ago and we have shipped 300 parcels so far. This week will ship another 200 parcels, and we will carry on with this rate every week. So it will take us 3-4 more weeks to get all orders on their way.

As mentioned previously, we are trying to apply a first in first out shipping policy, however we still have to group orders based on countries for shipping cost reason. Example, because freight is still super costly for Canada, we are currently working with a forwarder to bulk ship next week all orders for Canada at once.

We also wanted to highlight that most of the orders we received happened in January alone when we started taking orders. So if you hear people, who ordered around the same time than you, mentioning they have already received a shipping notification but you didn’t it is normal. Just rest assured your orders will get shipped soon.

Finally, we are aware some of you are trying to figure out what’s their position in the shipping queue based on your order ID. For your information the Order ID is not just incremented by 1 for every new order ( don’t ask us why, it’s just how woocommerce works :P ). So it’s not because your Order ID is 4001 that it means there are 4000 orders before you, in reality there are currently around only 600 orders to fulfill before you.

We hope the above info clarify most of your questions…

OS Support (Armbian)

As announced Helios64 support in Armbian was added recently. Please take note it’s still a work-in-progress. Key features are supported, but we still need another 2 or 3 weeks to have a proper build that we can tag as Stable.

So for people who already received their Helios64, you might want to wait a bit before setting once for all your setup… take the opportunity to play around with the board first.

You can find the latest image builds either on our wiki here, or directly on Armbian Helios64 page.

Enclosure Kit Assembly

We noticed that the HDD plastic tray can be quite hard to slot in and out during the first usage. Once the HDD trays have been sitting in the enclosure for couple of days, the plastic leaf spring of the tray will loosen a bit and then it won’t be an issue anymore.

Also we added screw visuals on the Enclosure Kit assembly manual page since there are several types used and it can be a bit difficult to identify / differentiate each of them.

Install instruction

The Helios64 Install Instructions are available on our wiki. For now it focuses on installing using a microSD card. We will add soon the instructions on how to install on on-board eMMC Flash.

Free Goodies

Back in March, to apologize for the long delay, we said we will add to each pre-orders made before March 15th 2020 :

  • USB-C to HDMI cable
  • USB-C to USB3.0 cable

The USB-C to USB3.0 cable is now included in the full bundle. As for the USB-C to HDMI cable, we will ship them to you a bit later, we are still waiting the vendor to deliver them.