Helios64 Production Update 1 !

Posted by Kobol Team on April 28, 2020

Like many of you, we are also in lockdown here in Singapore until June 1st. Government had no choice but to put in place a lockdown 3 weeks ago after case number started to spike suddenly… they call it Circuit Breaker here and it was quite unexpected to be honest.

So here we are, reporting to you from Home. Well for Kobol Team it doesn’t impact us much, everything was already set up to allow remote work. Of course when you work on a physical product like Helios64 it is not super practical but neither a blocker.


We are still working hard to meet the end June shipping date. Here some pictures of the ongoing final tuning of the enclosure before mass production. (We will post soon better pictures of the whole setup assembled and running.)

Helios64 Enclosure

Helios64 Enclosure

Helios64 Enclosure

Regarding the PCB, we are in components procurement phase. Quite a tedious task during the current context and not the most existing thing to report.


We have recently updated our wiki with detailed information on Helios64 interfaces and features.

Helios64 Wiki

This is just the first part of Helios64 documentation. Soon we will complete it with more info related to software installation, configuration and enclosure assembly.


Helios64 Display Port

The adapter to use 2.5” HDD/SSD in the 3.5” bays is ready and will be soon available on our shop for USD 3.5 / piece. We need first to figure out how to allow people to update their existing pre-order to add adatpers if needed.

On a similar note, many people still asking us if they could order the board only. Yes you will be able to order soon each item individually. We are bit behind on this topic because we still need to figure out the fulfillment and shipping aspect for individual items.

We will announce it once our shop is updated.