Batch 3 - All Orders Have Been Shipped !

Posted by Kobol Team on August 15, 2019

All orders of Helios4 3rd Batch have been shipped, in total we shipped 453 parcels for a total of 530 units of Helios4. More than half of you already received their order, the other half is still in transit so it should reach your door step very soon.

Helios4 Fulfillment

Some of you requested their parcel to be shipped only first week of September. Those parcels have been put on hold and you will receive an email as soon as we ship them on that week.

About the OLED Display Cable !

To connect the OLED display provided in Batch 3, you will need to use Dupont jumper cables. However in the kit you will find 2 set of jumper cables :

  • 1x length 20cm
  • 1x length 30cm

The 30cm jumper cable is the one that needs to be used when putting together the Heliso4 Kit. The 20cm one is a bit too short and can be discarded or used for other purposes.

Then regarding the color of the cable, in each kit the color of the jumper cables may vary. So it’s normal if it doesn’t match the colors you see in the wiki guide. The purpose of the different colors is just to help you check your wiring is correct since the pinout order is different between the board I2C header (J9) and the OLED header. Refer to this OLED Assembly part B Section of the Assembly wiki page.

How to get Support ?

You will find all the necessary instructions to setup your Helios4 on our wiki but if you need some support here 3 options :

  1. If you need some help for tricky situation, you can go on the Armbian forum. There is a thread dedicated to Helios4 support with already quite a lot of useful info from existing users.

  2. If you have some questions / remarks on some of the wiki page, we have added a comment section at the bottom of each of the wiki page.

  3. For any other questions related to your order (e.g missing items, defective device), please contact us directly by email Don’t forget to mention your order number when contacting us.

Happy Setup!