Some News & About Upcoming Batch 3 !

Posted by Kobol Team on January 16, 2019

It’s been now almost a month that all parcels of Batch 2 have been shipped out. Most of you have already received their Helios4 and we are starting to see a lot of very positive feedback and nice setup pictures. There are still some Helios4 parcels out there that are taking their sweet time to reach their destination. Hopefully all Helios4 would have found their homes very soon.

User Setup

About Software Support

Thanks to user feedback, we are improving Helios4 software support at each Armbian release and our wiki is constantly growing with detailed explanations and instructions. We can comfortably say that Helios4 software support reached a mature state. We still have the Wake-on-LAN feature on our TODO list, we hope to have this implemented in the coming days.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience, issue or suggestion on the following Helios4 thread on the Armbian forum.

Batch 3 Coming Up Soon !!!

As already quietly announced here and there, we are preparing for Batch 3! We will start collecting orders for this new batch next month. It’s going to be the same exact pre-oder and pricing model than previous batches with an estimated delivery date of May-June 2019.

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