Batch 2 Manufacturing Progress - Update 2 !

Posted by Kobol Team on October 9, 2018

We are facing a bit of manufacturing delay on the Helios4 PCB (carrier + A388 SoM) which as explained is the longest lead item. The main reason is that we didn’t realize how much impact the September public holidays in countries where we are assembling the PCB and sourcing its components will have on the planning. Originally shipping date was estimated to be end of October 2018, so unfortunately it will have to be delayed by a month. We apologize for the delay.

Shipping date pushed to end November 2018.

Beside the PCB board, all parts/accessories of the Full Kit have been manufactured and are on their way to our kitting and fulfillment center in Hong Kong.

Here some pictures of our new packaging box.

Helios4 Package Box

Helios4 Package Box

Also this time we will ship all parcels in a shipping carton box, no more polymailer envelope to insure no damage during transport.

Helios4 Package Box

What about a 3rd batch ?

Every day we have people asking us if they can still order from the 2nd batch. Unfortunately all units are sold out. We don’t have plan yet for a 3rd batch but we are seriously considering it. We are slowly starting to plan our next project, once we see clearer and if the timeline allows us to do a 3rd batch then we will do it. We will announce our plans after we are done with the fulfillment of the 2nd batch.

Thanks for your patience…