The wait is almost over !

Posted by Kobol Team on June 14, 2018

We are finally close to the 2nd Helios4 campaign launch.

First, sorry if it did not start yet, I know you guys are getting impatient. As posted here and there in response to people wondering what was going on, I explained that during the last 3 months the team was focus on day jobs leaving us almost no free time… “well we all need to make a living”. However recently things turned out differently and after much thoughts I finally decided to drop everything and fully focus on Helios4. The intention is to use Helios4 project to bootstrap a little business around it and future similar products.

Anyway back to what matters the most to you guys, the new campaign will start by end of the month.

As already explained, we will use the same Pre-Order approach as we did for the 1st campaign. The goal is to reach at least 500 orders before starting production.

You will have the choice to order one of the 2 following options :

  • Helios4 2GB ECC Full Kit (limited to blue color only)
  • Helios4 2GB ECC Basic Kit (a.k.a board-only option)

Pricing wise, it will remain the same than 1st campaign, with obviously a lower price for the Basic Kit.

Regarding fulfillment and shipping, we will try this time to collect up-front the applicable Tax & Duty for your country in order to save you money from expensive handling fees.

Voila, stay tuned… the wait is almost over.

Beside the new campaign, there is also a lot of happening in term of software support lately thanks to awesome contributors :

  • Kernel and U-Boot upstream support (Dennis Gilmore)
  • FreeBSD support (Josua Mayer)
  • OpenWRT support (Sascha Paunovic)

I will soon publish more detailed posts about each of those ongoing effort.

Helios4 wiht Oled Display Helios4 with i2c OLED display.